What are the applications of drone environmental monitoring?

With the development and progress of technology, people's living standards have been significantly improved. However, the environment we live in is increasingly attracting people's attention, and the problem of environmental pollution is becoming increasingly serious. Therefore, drone technology used for environmental monitoring is also constantly being updated and improved. So, what are the applications of drone environmental monitoring?

1. UAV air pollution monitoring

When using drones to monitor the environment, they can carry air sensors and be equipped with a fixed wing drone platform, which allows drones to conduct low altitude three-dimensional monitoring of the environment within hundreds of kilometers of each other. Then, according to the geographical data and meteorological data of the measured area, the UAV data processing system can filter, store and analyze the monitoring data, obtain the specific environmental quality data of the detected environment, and predict the environment of this area.

2. drone pollution source investigation

Drone environmental monitoring can also be used for environmental monitoring of pollution source emissions, river discharge outlets, and unorganized discharge outlets in factory areas. For areas that are inconvenient for law enforcement personnel to view and inaccessible, drones can conduct comprehensive testing to quickly and efficiently detect pollution sources.

3. Detection of drone pipeline leakage

Drone environmental monitoring can also be applied to detect pipeline leaks. Drones can detect natural gas and chemical gas transmission pipelines for leaks. The specific method is: according to the specific requirements of the exploration, multiple rotors or airship platforms can be selected to carry out close range automatic cruise exploration of gas pipelines; Choosing a highly sensitive electrochemical sensor can sensitively detect pipeline leaks.

4. Emergency monitoring of unmanned aerial vehicles

For some sudden environmental accidents, drones can also be used for emergency monitoring. The advantage of UAV monitoring is that it can return video, infrared image and leakage gas concentration distribution in real time, depict the distribution of harmful and lethal concentration areas on the map in real time, and calculate the direction and speed of diffusion, providing efficient data support for law enforcement personnel to deal with environmental accidents. It can enable law enforcement personnel to quickly and comprehensively grasp the specific situation of sudden environmental accidents, and then make timely remedies.