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LD-CLD 3.0 Drone cigarette dispenser

This product is a 38mm caliber color cigarette dispenser for unmanned aerial vehicles, developed based on the Xinjiang OSDK and suitable for the Xinjiang M300RTK flight platform. It is compatible with various types of ammunition. Adopting a modular quick disassembly design, easy and fast disassembly, OSDK link control, APP floating window operation, without the need for additional remote control hardware, single person can control, and other signal modes can be selected according to actual task situations. Support the joint operation of drones with single and dual PTZ, making the operation more efficient. The 38mm caliber 6 power generation percussion bomb has the capacity to load Smoke grenade, Tear gas, shock detonation bomb and other ammunition, and is suitable for military, anti-terrorism, fire fighting, rescue, drill and emergency events.

Product Introduction



◆ Appearance design

The overall use of aviation aluminum material, CNC processing technology manufacturing, anodizing treatment; High precision, sturdy and reliable, strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Industrial style design, with a strong sense of thickness and aesthetics.



◆ Mechanical design, safety and stability

The vertical launch reduces unnecessary vulnerable structures, and the design is more consistent with Structural mechanics. It is especially suitable for multi rotor UAVs, and can significantly reduce the impact of the rear seat force oscillation of the cigarette dispenser on the flight stability of UAVs.



◆ OSDK+APP Simple

The communication method of DJI OSDK achieves control channel integration, and is installed in the M300RTK remote control with a dedicated app. No additional third-party remote control hardware is required, and the control distance is no longer limited, allowing a single person to control and execute tasks.

Other signal modes can also be selected according to the actual situation of the customer.



◆ Convenient power supply method

Insert the power supply equipment end connector into the power supply port of the cigarette dispenser, and the body end connector into the OSDK interface on the top of the aircraft to complete the power supply connection (M300 power plug with anti reverse insertion design).



◆ Quick disassembly and unloading

The design of sliding card slot and spring lock catch enables quick mounting. Installation only requires a gentle push of the spring lock catch to lock the cigarette dispenser, achieving dual protection, safety and reliability. Simply press the spring lock and gently push the cigarette dispenser to remove it, making it convenient and fast. When loading ammunition, pull the pull ring type buckle, lift it upwards to quickly load the ammunition, and lightly press to lock the magazine.



◆ Design of detachable and quick dismantling hanging rack

Precise measurement and precise design perfectly fit the M300RTK casing, allowing for quick disassembly of the rack without the need to disassemble it, which can be placed in the aviation box with the drone.

The high-precision universal design of the quick dismantling hanger can be used on the same platform as other modules of our company. The material is made of aviation aluminum through CNC processing technology and sandblasting anodizing treatment, which has the advantages of high precision, high strength, anti-corrosion, and wear resistance.



◆ Technical Parameter


Overall dimensions 155mm*147mm*159mm
Outer packaging box 382mm*300mm*192mm
Net weight 1.10 KG
Material quality Aviation aluminum
Installation method Quick release type
Launch method Electric shock
Caliber size 38 mm(Adaptation: recoil force 1-2kg, range 80m, electric shock fire)
Power supply mode Airborne OSDK interface power supply
Working voltage 24V
Loading capacity 6 pieces
Control mode OSDK communication APP control
Controlling Distance Consistent communication distance with M300RTK
Control angle Vertical
Application M300RTK(Other autonomous models, please contact sales first)  



◆ Module application scenarios



This product has a wide range of applications, including military, counter-terrorism, firefighting, rescue, exercises, dispersal of illegal gatherings, mass riots, and other unexpected events.

Six standard 38mm electric shock ammunition can be attached, and Tear gas, detonation bomb, Smoke grenade, Stun grenade, dazzle bomb, etc. can be selected.


key word:

Colored cigarette dispenser

Modular quick disassembly

Product Introduction

LD-ZM3.0 Drone lighting device

This product is a series of unmanned aerial vehicle mount products developed based on Dajiang DJI PSDK. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high power. It uses high-quality coated optical lenses to concentrate light, with uniform brightness and high color consistency. It can provide high-quality aerial lighting effects for unmanned aerial vehicle night work. Through the DJISkyPort V2.0 interface, compatible with DJISkyPort M300 RTK and other series of unmanned aerial vehicles, it can meet the needs of night patrol tasks, direction indication, power line patrol, warning evacuation, search and rescue, and other night work needs.


LD - WIND8 is designed specifically for the industry field, with advanced quick disassembly technology and multiple equipment mounted simultaneously, multi task execution, independent flight planning for waypoints, multiple image transmission capabilities, and supporting ground station data link control. The large capacity lithium battery provides long-term protection and protection, with high load and foldable body, providing you with efficient, safe and convenient industry tools.

LD-XF60 Large capacity multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicle

New modular structure, four axis folding design, powerful power redundancy design, ensuring flight safety. It has features such as fast replacement of multiple modules, common use of multiple modules, joint execution of multiple tasks, multiple image transmission, autonomous flight planning for waypoints, and customizable functions for two people and two controls. Four axis and eight propeller high safety layout, strong wind resistance, long endurance, and large load. Support deep software and hardware customization development to meet the personalized needs of various industry applications.

Vehicle mounted drone signal gain antenna

A signal gain antenna for unmanned aerial vehicle remote control designed specifically for car use, with strong signal anti-interference ability and high image transmission stability, greatly improving the signal strength of operating unmanned aerial vehicle remote control in the car, and supporting multiple types of unmanned aerial vehicle 2.4GHz~5.8GHz signal gain.