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This product adopts advanced DSP digital technology, with powerful functions, small size, light weight, no interference, built-in battery, long transmission distance, simple and convenient operation, and can provide you with reliable, clear, and efficient communication needs. For traffic command, convey correct public opinion guidance and command, evacuation, and dispatch handling for emergencies; Legal publicity and inspection and control of the epidemic; And auxiliary rescue has many advantages.

Product Introduction

◆ Quick loading and disassembling function makes operation simpler and more convenient

The horn is small in size, lightweight, and has low air resistance during flight on airplanes. Support single send single receive and single send multiple receive application modes. Using it in noisy environments does not affect the clarity of the shouting sound, making it more suitable for complex on-site command environments.



◆ Integrated design, simple structure, and convenient installation

Built in rechargeable battery, no need for body power supply, safer to use. The internal magnetic horn effectively avoids interference with the aircraft's geomagnetism. The weight of the horn (including battery) is about 500g, the sound quality of the call is clear and loud, the bass of the alarm horn is thick, and the penetration is strong. The measured value is 110 decibels. The transmission distance is 3-5 kilometers.



◆ Quick disassembly design

The design of hand tightened screws and quick dismantling connectors is simple, fast, and convenient, with loading and unloading taking only 1 minute.



◆ Technical Parameter


Product size 210mm*180mm*192mm
Outer packaging box 385mm*358mm*175mm
Speaker size 78mm*79mm*90mm(Horn)
Total weight of amplifier equipment 500g (Including built-in rechargeable battery)
Installation method Quick release type
Battery capacity 12.6v  2000mAh(Built-in Lithium Battery)
Charger 12.6v  1A
Speaker power 12v/20w
Communication Distance 3-5km(No occlusion)
Typical working height 50-100m(Relative to ground)
At a flying altitude of 50m, the ground volume is about 80 decibels
Maximum volume 110 decibel
Operation temperature -20—45°
Ambient humidity ≤85°
Application M600 Pro and Rufeng series (other independent models, please contact sales first)



◆ Application Scenario




When a traffic accident occurs, road traffic becomes paralyzed or emergency lanes are blocked; When the command vehicle cannot arrive at the scene in a timely manner; When a fire accident occurs; Especially when high-rise buildings catch fire and people are trapped in high-rise buildings; When violent criminal incidents occur; When criminals endanger the safety of others' lives and property, traditional solutions require waiting for rescue workers to walk to the accident site, but this takes too long and command information cannot be transmitted to the scene in a timely manner, which has great limitations. The drone equipped with airborne shouting equipment can quickly reach the upper part of the scene and conduct mobile shouting, effectively controlling the situation in real time, calming the audience's excitement and panic, timely evacuating, preventing malicious stampedes, improving work efficiency, and controlling the scene situation as soon as possible. In addition, during the epidemic prevention and control period, the role of UAV Megaphone was highlighted to the greatest extent, with high mobility and wide coverage. While carrying out legal publicity and management of the epidemic to the public, it also avoided contact with people, which can be said that more can be achieved at one stroke.

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Product Introduction

LD-ZM3.0 Drone lighting device

This product is a series of unmanned aerial vehicle mount products developed based on Dajiang DJI PSDK. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high power. It uses high-quality coated optical lenses to concentrate light, with uniform brightness and high color consistency. It can provide high-quality aerial lighting effects for unmanned aerial vehicle night work. Through the DJISkyPort V2.0 interface, compatible with DJISkyPort M300 RTK and other series of unmanned aerial vehicles, it can meet the needs of night patrol tasks, direction indication, power line patrol, warning evacuation, search and rescue, and other night work needs.


LD - WIND8 is designed specifically for the industry field, with advanced quick disassembly technology and multiple equipment mounted simultaneously, multi task execution, independent flight planning for waypoints, multiple image transmission capabilities, and supporting ground station data link control. The large capacity lithium battery provides long-term protection and protection, with high load and foldable body, providing you with efficient, safe and convenient industry tools.

LD-XF60 Large capacity multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicle

New modular structure, four axis folding design, powerful power redundancy design, ensuring flight safety. It has features such as fast replacement of multiple modules, common use of multiple modules, joint execution of multiple tasks, multiple image transmission, autonomous flight planning for waypoints, and customizable functions for two people and two controls. Four axis and eight propeller high safety layout, strong wind resistance, long endurance, and large load. Support deep software and hardware customization development to meet the personalized needs of various industry applications.

Vehicle mounted drone signal gain antenna

A signal gain antenna for unmanned aerial vehicle remote control designed specifically for car use, with strong signal anti-interference ability and high image transmission stability, greatly improving the signal strength of operating unmanned aerial vehicle remote control in the car, and supporting multiple types of unmanned aerial vehicle 2.4GHz~5.8GHz signal gain.