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LD-SOVO-5100 High definition emergency control ball

The 4G high-definition control ball adopts an integrated solution that integrates modules such as wireless video transmission, high-definition cameras, video storage, and high-capacity lithium batteries. It has a compact structure and high reliability, and can fully meet the needs of emergency temporary control and vehicular mobile monitoring. It is widely used in high-definition video emergency command industries such as power, fire protection, public security, and so on.



Product Introduction

◆ Integrated Design

Built in large capacity lithium battery, ultra long endurance, independent LED screen displays integrated working status; Dual TF card storage, capable of supporting 64G; Highly integrated 4G antenna, WIFI antenna, Bluetooth antenna, GPS/BD antenna; Audio output supports high-power handheld microphones; The protection level can reach IP66.



◆ Efficient network transmission

Support dual card 4G all network connection bundled transmission or 4G public network+4G private network mixed network transmission; Equipped with a built-in WIFI module, videos can be previewed directly on mobile phones and tablets, and mobile tablets can also access the internet through a ball player.



◆ Powerful zoom camera

33X optical zoom, 12x digital zoom; 1/2.8 ″ 2.41 million pixel Progressive scan high-performance CMOS sensor is adopted, with a maximum resolution of 1080P; The infrared irradiation distance can reach 60 meters, enabling day and night monitoring.



◆ Design of magnetic composite suction cups

The bottom is equipped with a high suction magnet, which is fast to install and easy to deploy. The device can be quickly temporarily placed in a location that needs to be monitored, or on a telescopic tripod, or directly attached to a car. It is convenient to remove the device at the end of the task. Optional multi-functional chassis (wall mounted, pole mounted, and other fixing methods)



◆ Technical Parameter



Imaging device

Effective pixels

scanning system

Minimum illumination

Flat resolution

Noise ratio

Progressive scan IMX222-1/2.8 "high-performance CMOS sensor

2.41M pixels

Progressive scan

Color: 0.05Lux, black and white: 0.005Lux (F1.6)

≥ 1200TVL



focal length

visual angle

Minimum object distance

4.6 * -153mm 33X optical, 12x digital zoom

Approximately 66.1 ° (W) * -2.46 ° (T)

Wide 20mm, Tele 1m


Horizontal pan head

Vertical pan tilt

Cruise scanning


360 ° continuous rotation, 120 °/s

-20 ° -90 ° rotation, 80 °/s

4 articles


LED Support status information display
Audio frequency  

Audio compression



Support hand microphone

Satellite Built-in Beidou/GPS, antenna built-in

Irradiation distance

IR LED Quantity

60 meters (850nm)

4 pieces

Battery Built-in 13.6Ah lithium battery, sustainable operation for 6-8 hours
Support DC12V voltage input, equipped with charger 12.6V 3A

network interface



resolving power

video compression

Network Protocol

10/100M RJ45 interface

2 card 4G all network connection bundled transmission, or 4G public network+4G private network mixed network transmission

Support 802.1b/g/n; Can be operated using mobile phones and tablets

1080P/25 frames

H. 265/H.264


TF Supports 2 TF interfaces, push type
SD card storage, with a maximum capacity of 128G per card, automatic cyclic coverage
General specifications  

power dissipation

working temperature

Protection level

Installation method



Normal 15W/25W full load

-20-60 °


Composite magnetic suction cup, fixed bracket

160 * 238 (H)

2KG (equipment)



◆ Application scope

Suitable for industry applications such as field law enforcement, investigation and control, security, emergency command, preemptive repair, and patrol management, such as public security, traffic police, firefighting, road administration, urban management, courts, prisons, forestry, electricity, water conservancy, environmental protection, etc.



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Control Ball

Product Introduction

LD-ZM3.0 Drone lighting device

This product is a series of unmanned aerial vehicle mount products developed based on Dajiang DJI PSDK. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high power. It uses high-quality coated optical lenses to concentrate light, with uniform brightness and high color consistency. It can provide high-quality aerial lighting effects for unmanned aerial vehicle night work. Through the DJISkyPort V2.0 interface, compatible with DJISkyPort M300 RTK and other series of unmanned aerial vehicles, it can meet the needs of night patrol tasks, direction indication, power line patrol, warning evacuation, search and rescue, and other night work needs.


LD - WIND8 is designed specifically for the industry field, with advanced quick disassembly technology and multiple equipment mounted simultaneously, multi task execution, independent flight planning for waypoints, multiple image transmission capabilities, and supporting ground station data link control. The large capacity lithium battery provides long-term protection and protection, with high load and foldable body, providing you with efficient, safe and convenient industry tools.

LD-XF60 Large capacity multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicle

New modular structure, four axis folding design, powerful power redundancy design, ensuring flight safety. It has features such as fast replacement of multiple modules, common use of multiple modules, joint execution of multiple tasks, multiple image transmission, autonomous flight planning for waypoints, and customizable functions for two people and two controls. Four axis and eight propeller high safety layout, strong wind resistance, long endurance, and large load. Support deep software and hardware customization development to meet the personalized needs of various industry applications.

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