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LD-PHM600-2.0 Pro Flamethrower

This product has changed the labor-intensive and labor-intensive obstacle clearance method used by the power department in the past, improved the mobility of obstacle clearance, achieved high-altitude live working, solved the troubles of previous power outage operations, effectively saved the cost of obstacle clearance operations, reduced work intensity and difficulty, and greatly improved work efficiency.

Product Introduction

◆ Big, there is room for improvement

LD-PHM600-2.0 Pro The fire spraying device has reshaped its overall structure, using a super high-power oil pump and a built-in turbocharging system to ensure stable fire spraying distance. Large fuel tank design increases single operation time.



◆ Ignition system

The high-performance high-voltage pulse ignition system eliminates the phenomenon of fire interruption and ensures the safety and reliability of the operation. The front anti backfire disc design effectively prevents the hidden danger of gasoline backflow, ensuring safety and stability.



◆ Vector control device

It can provide a pitch angle of ± 35 ° and a direction angle of ± 35 ° for the fire spraying device, greatly improving the flexibility and accuracy of the fire spraying device in special flight environments and increasing operational efficiency.



◆ Folding design

Thinking from the perspectives of both customers and users, through exquisite design, it can be folded and folded, resulting in smaller volume and more convenient transportation and portability.



◆ Quick disassembly design

This module is equipped with quick replacement structural components. Four reversible structural components are installed on the carrier board, which can be quickly replaced by attaching and tightening screws, achieving 2-minute disassembly and assembly.



◆ Remote control

It is equipped with an independent remote control with an unobstructed remote control distance of 800 meters. The throttle rocker controls ignition and fuel injection. The remote control power supply can use four AA5 Dry cell.



◆ Technical Parameter


Spitfire device 2.0

Product size 1400mm*320mm*280mm(expand)
Outer packaging size 960mm*380mm*340mm
Overall weight 3.2Kg
Installation method Quick release type
Power supply mode Airborne power supply
Power interface XT30
Rated voltage DC 24V
Rated power 300W
Oil pump power  270W
Control mode Independent remote control
Controlling Distance 800M
Expand channels Can support M600 expansion channel function (if you need this function, please contact sales first)
Maximum flow 210-300LPH(Liters per hour)
Spraying distance 4-6M(In the absence of wind)
Injection oil Gasoline (recommended 98 #)
Usage environment -30~40℃
Maximum volume 5L
Ignition form High voltage pulse ignition
Vector control angle Pitch ± 35 °, Direction ± 35
Mounted model M600Pro,Rufeng series and aircraft with a load capacity of over 6KG
(Standard configuration is exclusive to M600Pro, please contact sales for other models first)


Remote control

Overall dimensions 174mm*89mm*190mm
Weight 392g
Number of channels 6-10(Default 6)
Input power supply 1.5AA*4
Data output PS2 interface PPM
Frequency range 2.408 - 2.475GHZ
Band width 500KHZ
Transmitter power Not higher than 20dBm
Low voltage alarm Below 4.2V
Charging interface None
Length of antenna 26 mm * 2 (built-in dual antenna)
Display method STN semi transparent positive display, 128x64 dot matrix VA73 * 39mm LED white backlight


◆ Application Scenario




The picture shows the actual demonstration effect of the Longwei M600 Pro mounted flame spraying device. The large flow rate increases the flame spraying distance, and the large fuel tank increases the single operation time, with a maximum flame spraying distance of 4-6 meters.

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Product Introduction

LD-ZM3.0 Drone lighting device

This product is a series of unmanned aerial vehicle mount products developed based on Dajiang DJI PSDK. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high power. It uses high-quality coated optical lenses to concentrate light, with uniform brightness and high color consistency. It can provide high-quality aerial lighting effects for unmanned aerial vehicle night work. Through the DJISkyPort V2.0 interface, compatible with DJISkyPort M300 RTK and other series of unmanned aerial vehicles, it can meet the needs of night patrol tasks, direction indication, power line patrol, warning evacuation, search and rescue, and other night work needs.


LD - WIND8 is designed specifically for the industry field, with advanced quick disassembly technology and multiple equipment mounted simultaneously, multi task execution, independent flight planning for waypoints, multiple image transmission capabilities, and supporting ground station data link control. The large capacity lithium battery provides long-term protection and protection, with high load and foldable body, providing you with efficient, safe and convenient industry tools.

LD-XF60 Large capacity multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicle

New modular structure, four axis folding design, powerful power redundancy design, ensuring flight safety. It has features such as fast replacement of multiple modules, common use of multiple modules, joint execution of multiple tasks, multiple image transmission, autonomous flight planning for waypoints, and customizable functions for two people and two controls. Four axis and eight propeller high safety layout, strong wind resistance, long endurance, and large load. Support deep software and hardware customization development to meet the personalized needs of various industry applications.

Vehicle mounted drone signal gain antenna

A signal gain antenna for unmanned aerial vehicle remote control designed specifically for car use, with strong signal anti-interference ability and high image transmission stability, greatly improving the signal strength of operating unmanned aerial vehicle remote control in the car, and supporting multiple types of unmanned aerial vehicle 2.4GHz~5.8GHz signal gain.