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An airborne drop rope suitable for emergency rescue and material airdrop transportation. High strength structural design, small size, light weight, and good toughness. It can be applied in various fields such as public security, fire protection, power transmission, material transportation, disaster relief, and the delivery of rescue materials in isolated areas.



Product Introduction

◆ Industrial quality

The production line is selected from industrial grade high-strength Dinima rope, which has high strength and toughness. It is equipped with a reciprocating thread management device to ensure that the production line is evenly wound, without jamming during retraction and retraction. Gravity hook, mechanical design, not easy to unhook, and safe retraction and retraction.



◆ Preferred Materials

The appearance is made of aviation aluminum and nylon sintered materials, with high temperature resistance, high strength, good toughness, and high reliability of imported brush DC motors. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 5KG It can be combined with other industry tools to enrich and expand industry applications.



◆ M600 Quick dismantling hanging rack design

The high-precision universal design can be used on the same platform as other modules in our company, with universal hand screws and module fixing clips, and installation does not require any tools. The hanging rack is made of aviation aluminum material and processed through CNC machining process and sandblasting anodizing treatment, which has advantages such as high accuracy, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. The design of sliding card slot and spring lock catch enables quick mounting. Installation only requires a gentle push of the spring lock catch to lock the release rope, completing the mounting with dual protection and safety and reliability. Simply press the spring lock and gently push the release rope to remove it, making it convenient and fast.
Note: The standard version does not include the M600 quick release hanger, which needs to be purchased separately.



◆ Convenient power supply method

One end of the power supply line is inserted into the 24V interface of the dropper rope, and the other end is connected to the XT30 parallel connector, which is connected to the XT30 male connector and the XT30 female connector below the aircraft to complete the power supply connection.



◆ Support multiple accessory combinations

It can be combined with other industry tool modules to expand application fields, such as Electroscope, manipulator, water intake module, etc. Through different combinations, it can be applied to: public security, fire protection, power wiring and inspection, material transportation back and forth, disaster relief and isolated area rescue material delivery, etc.



◆ Technical Parameter


Drone drop rope

Product size 200mm*105mm*145mm
Outer packaging box 305mm*269mm*195mm
Equipment self weight 1.05KG
Installation method Quick release type
Power supply mode Fuselage power supply
Working voltage 24V
Motor type Brush dc motor
Power 22W
Motor speed 6000 rpm
Output revolution 120 rpm
Reduction ratio 1:50
Pay-off speed 10m/min
Placement Line Length 30M
Maximum bearing capacity 5KG
Control mode Independent remote control
Signal pattern PWM signal
Controlling Distance  800M(No occlusion)
Expand channels Can support M600 expansion channel function (if you need this function, please contact sales first)
Application M600 Pro and Rufeng series (other independent models, please contact sales first)


Remote control

Product size 180mm*82mm*161mm
Weight 392 g
Input power supply 1.5AA*4
Data output PS2 interface PPM
Frequency range 2.4055 - 2.475GHZ
Band width 500KHZ
Transmitter power Not higher than 20dBm
Low voltage alarm Below 4.2V
Charging interface None
Length of antenna 26 mm * 2 (built-in dual antenna)
Display method STN semi transparent forward display, 128x64 dot matrix
VA73 * 39mm LED white backlight


◆ Application Scenario




This product is suitable for emergency rescue supplies placement, explosive transfer, water sampling and detection, auxiliary firefighting, and placement of life saving supplies in isolated and trapped areas where human resources cannot reach. In areas that are not conducive to vehicle and ship transportation, efficient and fast transmission, power wiring, and traction of some items during work are required. The dropping rope module has the characteristics of light weight and large hanging weight, especially the quick expansion and contraction of the traction line and the unique design of gravity grabbing, which can handle many harsh environment dropping tasks and efficiently, quickly, and safely transport materials to designated locations.

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Five stage projector

Product Introduction

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