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LD-CWFL 350H Laser cleaner


The laser cleaner produced by our company can emit controllable laser from the ground to remotely cut and remove high-altitude foreign objects, achieving live, remote, and non-contact operations. It has the characteristics of safety, speed, and live-line operation, and is suitable for the removal of non-metallic foreign objects in most overhead lines. Overcoming the shortcomings of traditional processing methods, without the need for power outages and personnel climbing towers, foreign objects on the wires can be directly removed from a long distance in a timely, fast, and safe manner, making the operation convenient, time-saving, and labor-saving. In terms of safety, it has undergone scientific and rigorous research and verification. Based on theoretical analysis, simulation, and a large amount of experimental data results, the laser energy density can be controlled within a safe range, ensuring that foreign objects are removed without damaging the transmission line. It is a highly safe cleaning tool. After applying the device, it can significantly reduce working hours, save labor costs, reduce labor intensity and risks, and improve economic benefits.



Product Introduction

◆ Functional characteristics

Live, remote, non-contact operation, suitable for removing non-metallic foreign objects from overhead lines

Remote electrification to remove foreign objects such as tree barriers and wasp nests

High quality imported camera with fast focusing and clear images

Control the direction of laser light through the electronic pan tilt to achieve precise control of laser

Night vision function, meeting the requirements of night work

Customizable device tipping protection function, which automatically cuts off the power supply when the device is tipping to prevent accidental injury to nearby personnel

Customizable front foreign object detection function, which can detect foreign object intrusion and issue an alarm, automatically cutting off the power supply

Customizable equipment risk Executive functions, real-time monitoring of equipment location, online remote authorization and electronic fence function, and tracking and query of historical records at any time



◆ Powerful host 

The laser obstacle cleaner adopts a photoelectric separation modular design, with a compact structure, light weight, and convenient transportation. Adopting intelligent air cooling, continuously adjustable laser power, and fiber optic QBH output mode. It has excellent beam quality and extremely high stability, and the laser power is continuously adjustable.



◆ 7-inch large monitor

Subtle changes, precise control. The large screen is clearer and the aiming and focusing are more precise. Make the removal of remote small hanging objects more precise.



◆ Electronic control pan tilt tripod

The slide buckle design enables rapid assembly operations. The electronic control pan of the tripod is operated by the handle to accurately adjust the pitch and left and right angles, making it more precise and stable even in long-distance aiming, with no difference.




◆ Quick adjustment with strong controllability

Equipped with light spot adjustment and camera zoom adjustment buttons, the size of the light spot and camera parameters can be quickly adjusted according to actual usage status, making the operation simpler, more convenient, faster, and more controllable.




◆ Three prevention safety box

This product adopts a fast folding combination method, which takes up little space during transportation. Quick installation can be achieved with a tripod pan head. After deployment, the space utilization rate is high. The box is made of special PP material, which is sturdy and stable, and has good waterproof, dustproof, and impact resistant effects.




◆ Mobile power box

Large capacity lithium battery, lightweight, long service life, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, supporting fast charging and discharging. 48V DC safe voltage power supply, safe and stable, without causing harm to the human body.



◆ Technical Parameter


Laser cleaner

Product appearance dimensions 610mm*470mm*290mm
Weight (host) ≤32kg
Sighting system Coaxial aiming 30x automatic zoom
Effective working distance 200m
Optical characteristics
Rated output power 350W
Working mode Continuous/Modulation
Power regulation range 10-100%
Center wavelength 1080mm
Optical characteristics of QBH output head
Beam Quality 1.3㎡
Fiber core diameter 20um
Output fiber length 2m
Electrical characteristic
Working voltage DC48V DC
Output power 350W
Maximum power consumption 1500W
Waveform rise and fall time  10us
Control mode MCS / RS-232


◆ Application Scenario



key word:

Laser cleaner

Product Introduction

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