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LD-QZ500S Laser remote cleaning device for foreign objects in the power grid


The laser remote cleaning device for foreign objects in the power grid produced by our company adopts advanced laser technology, combined with the characteristics of high-voltage devices such as overhead lines hanging objects. We have selected a laser band that does not harm the main equipment of the power system operation, and have successfully developed a cleaning system that can emit controllable laser from the ground to remotely cut and remove high-altitude foreign objects. Personnel using this equipment can fully achieve live, remote, and non-contact operations. The system has the characteristics of safety, speed, and live-line operation, and is suitable for clearing non-metallic foreign objects in most overhead lines and high-voltage devices. It effectively overcomes the shortcomings of traditional treatment methods, significantly improves work efficiency, saves Labor burden, reduces work intensity and risks, and improves economic benefits.



Product Introduction

◆ Powerful host

The overall design adopts a photoelectric separation modular design, with a compact structure, convenient storage, and convenient transportation. The laser power is continuously adjustable at 500W, equipped with intelligent air cooling to greatly improve work efficiency. The fiber optic QBH output mode has excellent beam quality and extremely high stability.



◆ Electronic control pan tilt tripod 

The slide buckle design enables quick assembly operations. The electronic control pan and tilt of the tripod can be controlled through the APP to accurately adjust the pitch and left and right angles, making it more precise and stable in long-distance aiming, without any error.



◆ Foreign object alarm

Detect foreign objects within the 5M range. When foreign objects are detected to enter (suddenly appearing within the radiation range of the laser), the laser can be automatically turned off to eliminate safety hazards during the laser cleaning process, ensuring the safety of people, animals, and vehicles.



◆ 10.4-inch large screen

The image has bright colors and clear display, making it easier to aim and focus, and removing remote small hanging objects more accurate.



◆ Professional APP control

WIFI link, APP control, simple interface, comprehensive functionality

Distance measurement function: 3~600m

Foreign object alarm: If there is obstruction within 5m, the light will automatically stop emitting

Electronic fence: protecting targets within the circle

Automatic cutting: point-to-point path setting

Centerline adjustment: custom adjustment of the center position

Dumping alarm: automatic power outage protection for equipment dumping

Longitude and latitude display: precise positioning of equipment position

Power regulation: 0-100% regulation

Automatic screen recording, screenshot, night vision system and other functions upon startup



◆ Portable

The laser body is highly integrated in the safety box, with good waterproof, dustproof, and impact resistant effects. The bottom of the box is equipped with a universal moving wheel and pull rod design, making operation and transportation very convenient.



◆ Mobile power box

Large capacity lithium battery, lightweight, long service life, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, supporting fast charging and discharging. Continuous full load working time can reach 2 hours.



◆ Technical Parameter


Laser remote cleaning device for foreign objects in the power grid

Product appearance dimensions 660*510*370(mm)
Weight (host) ≤34kg
Sighting system Coaxial aiming 30x automatic zoom
Effective working distance 350m
Optical characteristics
Rated output power 0~500W
Working mode Continuous/Modulation
Power regulation range 10-100%
Center wavelength 100% continuous 1080nm
Optical characteristics of QBH output head
Beam Quality 1.3㎡
Fiber core diameter 20um
Output fiber length 1.6m
Electrical characteristic
Working voltage DC48V DC
Output power 500W
Maximum power consumption 1500W
Waveform rise and fall time  10us
Control mode MCS / RS-232


◆ Application Scenario



key word:

Laser remote cleaner

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